Kiwanis Club of Cedar Hills - Club History

The Kiwanis Club of Cedar Hills was chartered on May 11, 1967. The formal Charter Ceremony was held on July 13, 1967 as a dinner banquet, along with the charter of the Portland Sunrise Kiwanis Club, at what is now the Doubletree Hotel at the Lloyd Center in Portland, Oregon.

The club initially met at the White Elephant Restaurant on Canyon Road in Beaverton, but later moved to the Earl Kelly Restaurant on Canyon Road in West Slope. The club enjoyed a good buffet in the basement banquet room for several years. The restaurant's specialty, caramel nut rolls, were "Um, um, good".

The club's first fund-raising project was selling Pronto Pups (deep fried battered hot dogs on a stick). Bob Hamlin spearheaded the project, and two of the businesses that have worked with the club for years, Bales Thriftway in Cedar Mill and Safeway of Cedar Hills, provided food preparation donations and selling space. Back then, we sold hot dogs for $0.15 each or a bag of ten for a dollar, this project was so successful that a self-contained lunch-wagon trailer was constructed so we could sell Pronto Pups for several months during the year. The trailer construction was lead by Lloyd Sipe and Harry Palmquist. It was rented to other community service groups and was eventually given to one of them.

Numerous projects were undertaken over the years. A soccer ball kick wall was constructed in Commonwealth Park in Cedar Hills. For many years we held a basketball shoot fundraiser, managed by club member Eldon Foster, at the annual "Taste of Beaverton" community event. We supported Head Start with Christmas gifts and other donations to help the kids in the program. Several members have been active in the SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) program in the Beaverton schools.

We have had a series of meeting locations; North's Chuck Wagon for eighteen months, briefly at Izzy's in Beaverton, Elmer's on Cedar Hills Boulevard in Beaverton, and Marika's on Barnes Road. We eventually moved to the Beaverton Elks Club, where we met for many years. When the Elks vacated their building we moved to the Golden Crown Restaurant in Beaverton, back to the Elks Club in their new smaller building, and then to our current location at Giovanni's Italian Restaurant in downtown Beaverton.

Currently our community service covers a variety of needs. We help with Scouting for Food with the Boy Scouts of America, ring bells for the Salvation Army, sort food for the Oregon Food Bank, pack and distribute Christmas food and toy boxes for needy families, collect election ballots for Washington County, and support several other community service programs and organizations.

We are very active supporters of the Doernbecher Children's Hospital through the Kiwanis Doernbecher Children's Cancer Program (KDCCP). We sell car raffle tickets every year as well as provide other financial support for KDCCP. We also provide major support for the Mount Hood Kiwanis Camp for children and adults with disabilities. In addition to financial support we participate in regular work parties to do the maintenance needed to ready the camp for summer activity. Through Kiwanis International we have provided significant support for the Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) project that made iodized salt available in developing countries, and currently the ELIMINATE project that is aimed at eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus as a major threat in developing countries.

Our club sponsors Key Clubs in five local high schools; Aloha High School, Beaverton High School, Sunset High School, Southridge High School, and Westview High School
Needless to say, we are one of the most active and vibrant Kiwanis Clubs in the Pacific Northwest. If you have read this far, we invite you to join us in community service.

Kiwanis Club of Cedar Hills
1967-1968     Lew Hampton (Charter Year)
1968-1969     Bob Hamlin
1969-1970     Richard Bates
1970-1971     Bob Bolin
1971-1972     Rod Harris
1972-1973     Mose Walker
1973-1974     Lloyd Sipe
1974-1975     Parker Fuhriman
1975-1976     Dick Stride
1976-1977     Chas Decker
1977-1978     David Lewis
1978-1979     Jerry Hrabal
1979-1980     Ron Willoughby
1980-1981     Lane Clem
1981-1982     Earl Buchanan
1982-1983     Chuck Padbury
1983-1984     Sam Schlichting
1984-1985     Bill Buskirk
1985-1986     Jack Holt
1986-1987     Terry Tobin
1987-1988     Scott Davis
1988-1989     Jack Thompson
1989-1990     Bob Culver
1990-1991     Bill Cook
1991-1992     Steve Weiss
1992-1993     Al Robbins
1993-1994     Lloyd Sipe
1994-1995     Bob Metz
1996-1997     John Perry
1997-1998     Bill Harris
1998-1999     Gene Richards
1999-2000     Don Aven
1999-2000     Kathy Christy
2000-2000     David Worsley
2000-2001     Larry Cartales
2001-2002     Larry Cartales
2002-2003     Glenn Crawford
2003-2004     Dianne Zellner
2004-2005     Bob Amey
2005-2006     Dale De Vries
2006-2007     Jerry Hrabal
2007-2008     Jeff Toews
2008-2009     Larry Cartales
2009-2010     Marjorie Meeks
2010-2011     Leslie Couch
2011-2012     Dick Thurston
2012-2013     Kathy Christy
2013-2014     Margie Swanson
2014-2015     Dick Thurston
2015-2016     Kathy Christy & Jeff Toews

Kiwanian of the Year
The Kiwanis Club of Cedar Hills gives this award each year to that club member who exemplifies the concept of service to the club that is the foundation of Kiwanis activities.
1980-1981     Sam Schlichting
1986-1987     William Buskirk
1987-1988     Robert Culver
1988-1989     Scott Davis
1990-1991     Jack Thompson
1991-1992     Mose Walker
1992-1993     Eldon Foster
1993-1994     Keith Jacques
1994-1995     Newt Hagar
1995-1996     Bob Bruno
1996-1997     Bill Cook, Keith Jacques
1997-1998     Carole Satterfield
1998-1999     Sam Schlichting
1999-2000     Carole Satterfield
2000-2001     Bill Gaskill
2001-2002     Dianne Zellner
2002-2003     Bill Harris
2003-2004     Jack Thompson
2004-2005     Bill Cook
2005-2006     Bill Hektner
2006-2007     Keith Jacques
2007-2008     Jerry Hrabal
2008-2009     Dick Thurston
2009-2010     Dale De Vries
2010-2011     Peter Bock
2011-2012     Margie Swanson
2012-2013     Marjorie Meeks
2013-2014     Jack Riley
2014-2015     Charlene De Vries
2015-2016     Jack Riley

William T. Vale Award Recipients
The William T. Vale Award is given to the Kiwanis Club of Cedar Hills member who best exemplifies the spirit and compassion of charter club member Bill Vale (1903-1999). It's emphasis is on sustained community service activities.

1998-1999    Robert G. Culver (posthumously)
1999-2000    Lewis B. Hampton
2000-2001    William R. Buskirk
2001-2002    Charles Padbury
2002-2003    Kenneth Findley
2003-2004    Eldon Foster
2004-2005    John Todd
2005-2006    Kathy Christy
2006-2007    Bob Hamlin
2007-2008    Carole Satterfield
2008-2009    Jerry Hrabal
2009-2010    Lynn Petrey
2010-2011    Bill Cook
2011-2012    Keith Jacques
2012-2013    Bill Hektner
2013-2014    Peter Bock
2014-2015    Leslie Couch
2015-2016    Marjorie Meeks

Past Lieutenant Governors

Pacific Northwest Divisions 63 & 64

1982-1983     Lane Clem

1995-1996      Bill Cook, Jr.                                                                                                         

1998-1999     Bob Metz                                                                                                             

2007-2008     Dale De Vries                                                                                                       

2008-2009     Jerry Hrabal                                                                                                         

2013-2014     Dick Thurston                                                                                                                                                                     

George F. Hixson Fellows
The Kiwanis International Foundation established the Hixson Fellowship in 1983 to honor George F. Hixson, the first president of Kiwanis International. The honor is awarded to members who have made, or whose clubs have made significant contributions and provided dedicated service to Kiwanis, the community and the world.

Robert G. Culver*
David K. Lewis*
Harold E. (Mose) Walker*

William B. Cook, Jr
M. Lloyd Sipe
John R. Todd

Robert O. Bruno*

Robert H. Hamlin*
William D. Harris*
Robert Metz
Carole A. Satterfield*
John R. Todd

William D. Harris
Jerry R. Hrabal
O. K. (Keith) Jacques*
M. Lloyd Sipe

Larry Cartales*
Dale De Vries*
Alton (Al) Robbins*
William Hektner*
From Beaverton Kiwanis Club
Leslie Couch

*Honored through Club Contribution

Walter Zeller Award

The Walter Zeller Fellowship Award is given to members for a gift of US$1,250 or more to The Eliminate Project (paid one time or over two years).


Dick Thurston                                                                                                                                

Charlene De Vries                                                                                                                                 

Dale De Vries


Bill Harris


Dale De Vries